Soft serve ice cream without THE hassle

Looking for a soft serve ice cream machine? Do you want to spend hours per day cleaning and spend a fwippin' fortune on equipment, spare parts and energy? Only be able to offer maximum two flavours at a time? Think again. The Portobello is less expensive, uses very little energy, is cleaned in 5 minutes, is easy to maintain and allows unlimited ice cream flavours.



The Portobello commercial ice cream machine lets anyone make ice cream at the push of a button. Easy to clean and with a long shelf life, it’s easy to profit from fwip’s award-winning product range.

Bursting with smart features & benefits

80% cheaper than a soft serve machine

Depending on your configuration, a Portobello costs between two and ten times less  than a traditional soft serve ice cream machine.

Unlimited flavours compared to just 1 or 2

fwip's innovative pod system allows you to serve an unlimited number of award-winning ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

5 minutes of cleaning instead of 2+ hours

Soft serve machine owners spend 2-4 hours on cleaning the machine every day. The Portobello machine requires 5-10 minutes!

24/7 availability & easy maintenance

Thanks to innovative technology, we can diagnose and fix 85% of faults remotely in minutes. Fixing a soft serve takes days.

Energy consumption of a light bulb

With 1,269 kwh, the Portobello uses 95% less power than a soft serve ice cream machine. Kind to your wallet and the environment!

24 month ice cream shelf life vs 2 days

Our capsules have a shelf life of 24 months, so no ice cream goes to waste with fwip. Soft serve batches typically last two days.

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The Premium unit is the “Rolls Royce” of fwip’s self-serve units with lots of space for up-selling with toppings, cones and take-away containers.

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Made to be parked in small spaces, the Compact unit is the Fiat 500 of fwip. It offers a smooth ice cream experience, in just 60cm.

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No floor space? No problem. The Micro unit sits easily on your countertop as a self-serve or staff-serve solution. Set-up time: 5 mins

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The smallest solution. Place your Portobello on the back counter or make it razzle dazzle out in front. Use the built-in swivel to Spin & Serve!

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frequently asked questions

Is the maintenance for fwip easier than a soft serve ice cream machine?

Yes, is the short answer. First of all, cleaning the Portobello ice cream machine takes 5-10 minutes per day compared to 2-4 hours for a soft serve machine. Secondly, the built-in technology of the Portobello machine allows fwip to diagnose and solve 85% of problems remotely which means you are up and running in hours, not days. Finally, in case a machine needs to be repaired or replaced, its light weight of 14 kg makes it very easy to be picked up and returned by a courier in no time.

How does fwip’s ice cream machine energy consumption compare with a soft serve ice cream machine?

The Portobello ice cream machine and freezer have an annual energy consumption of 1,269 kwh. Depending on the model, a soft serve ice cream machine consumes between 15,175 and 44,325 kwh.

Is fwip’s ice cream machine smaller than a soft serve ice cream machine?

fwip has several ice cream equipment solutions with various footprints. The smallest option is a stand-alone (the freezer placed elsewhere) Portobello ice cream machine which measures 72 cm in height, 34 cm in width and 53 cm in depth. Soft serve ice cream machines are large and heavy in general, the footprint of the smallest machine is 0.4 sqm.

Are fwip’s ice cream machines cheaper than a soft serve ice cream machine?

Depending on your chosen business solution, the Portobello works out at between two and ten times less expensive than a traditional soft serve ice cream machine. And that’s before you even factor in the costs for servicing, cleaning, managing wastage and buying the large number of spare parts required to maintain a soft serve ice cream machine.

Can fwip’s ice cream machine offer more flavours than a soft serve ice cream machine?

A typical soft serve machine can offer your customers only one flavour and If you upgrade to a more expensive model you can offer a whopping two flavours. With fwip’s pod system, you can offer as many flavours as you want at any given time.