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An indulgent treat.

Sundaes & cones

We like our desserts quick, easy and hassle-free. These creamy treats take just 30 seconds to make. For a speedy dessert, that looks the business and tastes amazing, try drizzling gooey caramel sauce over smashed biscuits or go nuts with chunks of peanut butter cups.

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Here’s what you need...

1 portion fwip Gelato

Choice of toppings

30 Seconds
to serve
with the Portobello dessert possibilities are endless
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cup of frozen yogurt
natural frozen yogurt
A deliciously light and airy texture, blended with the freshest milk from Poland
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cup of mango flavour ice cream
Mango Vegan sorbet
Bursting with the best quality tropical mangoes from sunny India
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cup of chocolate flavour ice cream
Chocolate Italian gelato
Infused with aromatic cacao straight from the shores of Togo in West Africa
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cup of salted caramel flavour ice cream
salted caramel italian gelato
The perfect balance of deliciously sweet caramel & complex salt
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cup of strawberry flavour ice cream
Strawberry Vegan Sorbet
Packed with freshly picked juicy strawberries from the fields of Poland
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cup of vanilla flavour ice cream
Vanilla italian Gelato
Crafted with specially selected vanilla beans from Tahiti in the South Pacific
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